18 - 20 December 2018
Surveillance Audit FSC-FM 2018
Tempat: Pesama Timber Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Kemaman, Terengganu.

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Welcome to Cherul Forest Consession (CFC)

Cherul Forest Concession (CFC) comprises rich lowland tropical rain forest of the Mixed Dipterocarp Forest (MDF) type, and constitutes part of Cherul Permanent Reserved Forest, within Kemaman District, in the State of Terengganu Darul Iman, Malaysia. Covering a total area of 20,243 hectare, the whole of CFC had been under the continuous management of Pesama Timber Corporation Sdn Bhd (Pesama) ever since the latter’s establishment in late 1973. The management, development and conservation of CFC have been, and continue to be conducted by Pesama in accordance with its long term concession agreement with Terengganu State Government, and following the precepts of the Malaysian Selective Management System (SMS) under the general framework of the universally-accepted principles of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). SFM requires that the management and conservation of CFC by Pesama should strike a balance between its three dimensions, namely economic, environmental and social dimensions. Over the past 45 years Pesama had been delivering these responsibilities judiciously and in earnest, keeping the integrity of CFC intact, thanks to the professionalism, continuity and tenacity of its management, and with the close cooperation and supervision of the Terengganu State Forest Department.

Subsequently, due to Pesama's stellar performance, and following a series of rigorous audit inspection by SCS Global Services, CFC was finally successfully accredited and certified as a "well-managed forest" under the world-renown Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)’s standard of certification as from 10 December 2012. This certification by FSC® was to remain valid for a period of five years, till 9 September 2017, and recently renewed for a further five years till 2022.

In the course of managing CFC as a "well-managed forest", Pesama adopts specific and stringent set of policies and strategies in order to soundly manage and conserve the various forest products and services, and protect the forest’s identified high conservation values (HCVs). These strategies include among others, conducting scientific assessment and monitoring of the various resources, products, species and sites, as well assessing the cultural and traditional values of the local natives and forest-dependent communities. These information, along with other relevant data are embodied in a HCV Forest Management and Conservation Plan designed to protect and, if possible add values to those unique, rare, threatened and endangered attributes.

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